4 Ways Guitar in Jazz Music Can Improve Your Health

A recent study shows that jazz isn’t just music, it is healthy music. Professionals have been recommending their patients to listen to jazz for different reasons and that is what we’re going to tackle in the article.

We will unfold before your eyes the very reason why listening to guitar in jazz became so important.

Stress Relief

Whenever you are stressed out, listening to jazz music at 60 BPM eventually leads to brain syncing which produces the alpha brain waves. These brain waves are the main ones responsible for calming your nerves and keeping your stress and anxiety at bay.

On the other hand, if you listen to guitar in jazz with a slower beat for approximately 45 minutes before you sleep, it could lead to a sounder rest. The reason for this is that when you are already relaxed, your body generates delta brainwaves which is responsible for sleeping soundly.

Relaxes the Mind

As mentioned earlier, listening to guitar in jazz relaxes our entire body and releases brain waves which revitalize our body. Aside from alpha and delta brain waves, it also produces theta brain waves.

Theta brain waves are the most creative brainwave found produced by our body. This, thus, would help us come up with a creative solution for our problems.

Pain Relief

Due to its calming effect, guitar in jazz is also known to help decrease the intensity of headaches especially migraines. And since it can stimulate sleepiness, you can rest well until you are relieved from the entire pain that you are feeling.

This is very advantageous since you don’t have to buy medicines unless jazz couldn’t help anymore.

Regulates Blood Pressure

When you are in a state of relaxation, your blood vessels expand which leads to lowered blood pressure. Coupled with constant laughter, guitar in jazz would be able to reduce the risk ofhaving a stroke or harboring heart diseases.

Don’t waste time, your first step to health and wellness could start by listening to guitar in jazz.


3 Advantages of Listening to Guitar in Jazz Music

Guitar in jazz music is undeniably pleasing to the ears, there’s no problem with that. But, did you know that aside from that there are actual benefits that you can get from listening to it? Here are the advantages that we’re talking about listed below.

Increases Productivity

jazz music productivity - 3 Advantages of Listening to Guitar in Jazz Music

The disadvantage of listening to other types of music is that it may be too distracting for you to listen to. Guitar in jazz music doesn’t do that, it, instead, stimulates the mind, thus, making it easier to finish more tasks, increasing one’s productivity.

It doesn’t matter if you’re doing it for school or for work, most people definitely have seen better results when they started listening to it. Besides, who wouldn’t be interested in it when you’ve got a chance to listen to music and at the same time achieve what needs to be achieved every day.

Lifts Mood

jazz music mood - 3 Advantages of Listening to Guitar in Jazz Music

Hearing a guitar in jazz music, you can’t help but tap your toes and smile while getting lost in the music. Yes, that’s how beautiful jazz is, it can make you feel light and happy by just listening to it. There are even some who remembers certain happy memories due to the tune of the music.

Because of this factor, it is easier for it to turn your day around. If you’re somehow gloomy or sad, just put your headphones in, shut the world off, and get lost inside this very uplifting music.

Health Benefits

jazz music health - 3 Advantages of Listening to Guitar in Jazz Music

Due to the relaxing vibe that jazz music brings, those who listen to it has been proven to have reduced heart rates. In addition to that, since one is relaxed, the blood vessels expand which leads to a significant reduction in blood pressure.

This is very effective for anger management too. When you feel like you are about to burst from anger, have some music in your pocket so that you can listen to it as the need arises.

See? Jazz isn’t just a piece of ordinary music that you listen to. It’s meaningful, somehow groovy, and most importantly, very beneficial in different aspects of life.If you are not convinced, you can try it for yourself.


4 Types of Guitar in Jazz

Buying a guitar that is well-suited for the purpose of playing jazz music is essential when deciding to start to learn how to play. However, before you buy, you should know that there are different types of guitars suitable for playing jazz that you should know about.

Below is a list of such guitars and a brief description of what it is. This will guide you in buying a guitar for playing jazz that is fit for the kind of sound that you want to produce.

Archtop Guitars

This one is referred to as a traditional because when you say jazz, it is directly associated with archtop guitars. Well, as compared to other guitar types, nothing can beat this one in terms of its appearance, and most importantly, it’s classic sound.

However, you may want to check if it’s convenient for you to use it since it has quite a bigger body size.

Solid Body Guitars

Although solid guitars are commonly associated with rock and country music, it can’t be denied that such guitar is now being widely used by guitars in jazz. Due to its smaller body, it is usually preferred by those who have issues with the size of Archtop Guitars.

And to top that, it is easier to shift genres with this guitar since it is not purely for jazz.

Semi-Hollow and Semi-Acoustic Guitars

This type of guitar offers the best of both worlds. You can get the warm tone given out by a solid guitar to support your jazz music but its size is not as big as archtop guitars which mean that you won’t have any problems with the weight.

Custom Guitars

If you want to find a guitar in jazz that fits perfectly to your preference then you might want to have one personally made. However, this could cost you a lot since this is a made-to-order item and does not belong to their natural production.

No matter which guitar you’d want, the most important thing about choosing is your comfort and the function. Workaround with those two to find the perfect guitar in jazz for you.


5 Criteria to Classify a Jazz Band as the Best of All Time

Jazz is such beautiful music, there’s no doubt about that. And the bands who play it surely are very talented. Now, have you ever wondered how a certain band is considered as the best of all time?

Can you ever grasp how such a list has been generated? Well, the answer for that can be found in this article.

Here is are the criteria that are commonly used by people to rank certain bands of jazz in guitar.


Before you can say that a band is great, they should have had a great influence not just during their peak but even after it. You can never say that they are great if they aren’t able to have a certain impact on a person’s life.

You will determine if a band has a certain effect on you if through their music you were led to change some of your ways. If through their songs, your perspective in aspects of life has changed.

jazz band guitar trumpet - 5 Criteria to Classify a Jazz Band as the Best of All Time


When your band becomes one of the best jazz bandsof all time, it should be expected that your band is popular. Although this is not an absolute rule, most legendary bands are known by a lot of people even up to this generation.

You know, when jazz bands are listed as the best of all time, it is really hard to strip them of their popularity. Some of these bands may have already been disbanded due to the passing of time but it does not mean that their legacy stops. It continues because music never dies.


Of course, before you say a guitarist in the jazz band is the best their music must be top-notch. Popularity comes in different shapes. One might be popular because of their band members, or maybe their performance, but it is quite different if it is about their music.

When a band’s music is amazing, it tends to tug at the hearts of people. And when such music is paired with jazz, you’ll surely have your audience swooning over you during your gig.


This point is just as essential as the others. How a band usually performs helps in making a mark as the best jazz band. Sometimes, when you are able to outshine other more popular groups you start making your mark, and that could be the beginning of your journey to greatness.

A striking performance could affect influence and popularity. For some, they will be able to see just how beautiful it is to play jazz in guitar. For others, they might just consider listening to your music due to what you’ve shown them through your live performance.


A part of how a jazz band started and finished can be a criterion in determining how great a certain band is. Struggling stories of a successful artist tend to have astronger impact on the audience.

So, before you label a guitar in a jazz band as the best, make sure you have ticked off most of the points presented here.


3 Tips on Finding the Right Guitar in Jazz

Before you start playing jazz, it is required to find a guitar that suits you well. It is a pre-requisite that when you ask someone to teach you, you need to have a guitar of your own since it is effective to learn that way.

If you still don’t have a guitar appropriate for playing jazz music, here are some tips that you would find very helpful in picking the right guitar.

Choose the Size

When you use a guitar to play, you need to make sure that you have just the right size. A guitar that is too big may hinder you from reaching and executing the right chord pattern. It could also be uncomfortable to play with.

On the other hand, a guitar that is too small may not be able to produce the right sound for you. It could also make a bigger person feel awkward when they’re holding and playing a song with it.

Price Equals Quality

Don’t expect cheap guitars to have a high quality sound because that stuff only happens in fantasies. Remember, you can only get what you’ve paid for. Besides, making a guitar appropriate for jazz is such a tedious job, it’s just right to price it right.

Be Observant

Never fall for a guitar because of its brand name. Sometimes, these brands have their prices jacked up because they have already included the worth of their patent in their pricing. There will be instances wherein minor brands will have the same quality but in a slightly lesser price range.

Choose well. Keep in mind that this will be the guitar that you’ll be using for the rest of your jazz playing career. Unless you’ll be able to find something new along in your career.

90665? w=540 - 3 Tips on Finding the Right Guitar in Jazz

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2 Ways A Musician’s Biography Can Inspire an Aspiring Jazz Player

A biography is a story of someone’s life but is written by someone else. However, not every day of that person’s life is written because it would probably take so much time to do so. Only the important events are taken into account or at least those which lead to that event. A musician’s biography, therefore, tackles a musician’s life.

So, how would a musician’s biography inspire an aspiring jazz guitarist? Well, here are the two top reasons why:


jazz player wearing headphone - 2 Ways A Musician’s Biography Can Inspire an Aspiring Jazz Player

Most of the time, a musician’s journey is something that inspires a person a lot. We’re not sure that you are aware of this, but, being in the music industry is not as easy as it seems. Some people think that just because you only playan instrument, everything just goes easy. But we assure you, that’s not the case.

With all of the aspiring musicians, it is not easy to get your place in the industry. You have to go for how many years just to get noticed. Sometimes, people even give up their craft because they’re not going anywhere with it.

Knowing how a musician got where he is right now, gives a jazz player the right push to continue the journey. It gives them hope that the day will come for them to succeed.


jazz player musician man - 2 Ways A Musician’s Biography Can Inspire an Aspiring Jazz Player

In every person’s life, there is always some kind of realization. Some people will get to the point where they will eventually halt their dreams because they think that they can do more than just wait for the unsure.

While others discovered that with the right push, they’ll be able to achieve it somehow.

A musician’s biography can make or break your journey as a jazz guitarist. Just ensure that when you decide, you have already weighed the pros and cons.