Most Popular Jazz Events in the World

Once you become invested in jazz music, it is such a difficult task to get out of it. Most people even go out of their way just to attend the most popular events of the jazz community.

If you are a part of the population that would love to go to such an event, then, here is a list of the most anticipated jazz events in the entire world:

Copenhagen Jazz Festival


July of every year, one of the longest-running jazz events in the world takes place in Denmark. The said event started in 1979 and has been going on up until today. This event involves a series of 300 concerts with different purposes.

There is jazz for children, poetry, and so much more.

Clearwater Jazz Holiday

Another event that started in 1979 is the Clearwater Jazz Holiday. It is called as a holiday since Florida is well known for its famous beaches and sunny seasons. Coupled with top artists playing jazz, you won’t only be inspired, you’ll surely feel like it is indeed a holiday.

Java Jazz Festival


Moving over to Asia, The Java Jazz Festival has been occurring every year for about 10 years now in Jakarta, Indonesia. Such an event is not only participated by local talents, but international jazz players. Stevie Wonder has made an appearance in this event too.

Other events include the Montreal International Jazz Festival in Quebec andthe Montreux Jazz Festival in Switzerland. The Tobago Jazz Experience held in Trinidad and Tobago, XJAZZ Berlin Festival which takes place in Germany, and the Eltham Jazz, Food, and Wine Festival in Australia.