3 Rationales on Studying Guitar in Jazz Music

There are different genres of music all around the world but learning guitar in jazz is something different. Jazz music is complex but it is very interesting. And, if you’re ready to take on a challenge, then you should proceed to learn this art.

Enhance Harmonic Knowledge

One of the complexities of learning how to play the guitar in jazz is its harmony. It plays around the full spectrum of diatonic harmony; these are chords or notes that relate to a certain key. It even extends to non-diatonic harmonies.

The best thing about this is that you get to play in different variations and do alterations.

brown guitar learning - 3 Rationales on Studying Guitar in Jazz Music

It Shapes You to Become A Better Instrumentalist

When learning how to play the guitar in jazz, the concept of shortcuts is not accepted. The only choice that you have is to actually learn the instrument, easily navigate through it, and practice until you get it right.

Unlike other genres where you can just apply your general knowledge of guitar playing to any song, jazz doesn’t do that. There is a certain style that completely separates it from others.

Develop Sharper Ears

If you think that you already have sharp ears, then you should really try jazz music. The way you play it is so precise that you need to pinpoint each and every note played especially when it is a part of a variation of a certain chord.

You may think that is easy but in a diatonic harmony some notes sound the same asother notes and it’ll be hard to distinguish it.

If you are interested to take on such complex but very beautiful art, then you should decide to learn to play the guitar in jazz. And don’t waste any more time because learning it could take a while.