5 Best Jazz Clubs for Live Guitar in Jazz Music

Are you interested in having your jazz spirit shaken up? Do you want to have a little more inspiration to pursue your jazz music? Well, if that’s the case, then it is imperative for you to visit these 5 historical and the best jazz clubs in America.

Village Vanguard

In New York, you will be able to see a lot of jazz clubs that already have an established reputation. However, the only one that can claim that they are oldest is this one. One of the many jazz artists that they have grown is Judy Holiday.

She made a name for herself by sticking with this club and playing lovely jazz music for the people.

jazz clubs woman playing - 5 Best Jazz Clubs for Live Guitar in Jazz Music

Little Gem Saloon

Every one of us is well aware that New Orleans still is the epicenter of the jazz community. Although a lot of clubs from the early eras have been demolished, Little Gem Saloon seems to just have rested and is now constantly a huge buzz in the industry.

Its rebirth has signaled a new flavor for the live guitar in jazz performances.

Andy’s Jazz Club

Although this club bears the name of its founder, the one who made it into a jazz haven was Scott Chisholm. Even though the club opened during 1951, it wasn’t until 1975 that it became known as a haven for guitar and jazz music.

Throughout the years, Andy’s Jazz Club has continually supported new jazz bands that have potential in making it in the industry.

Up to this day, this club is still very much known by jazz fanatics. A lot of them still visit the club in order to enjoy the performances of two talented jazz bands every day. Of course, the order of artists to play every week may change depending on the management’s decision.

The Lighthouse Café

Do you remember the Café where Emma Stone and Ryan Gosling went to the movie La La Land? It was a scene where Ryan wanted to show Emma the beauty of jazz by bringing her to this café.

Before, the main attraction of the café is purely jazz music. But, as times change, they needed to cope with the needs of the society which is why they opened their floors to other genres as well.

On a brighter note, they continue to do well in their business which indicates that it is a good choice.

Minton’s Playhouse

Another historical place which has already been brought down but was just restored a few years back. This one accepts bebop jazz players. After the restoration, the club turned into a food hub where people can order Afro-Asian-American cuisine

But still, they make sure to serve their customers a good dose of jazz music.

It’s such a delight knowing that some of the most historic jazz clubs in America are still intact and is continuously accepting jazz in guitar players.