3 Known Purposes for Purchasing Jazz Discography

Discography is described as a collection of musical recordings by a certain artist. As distinguished from an album, a discography is more of a collection of an artist’s albums since it refers to their entire music career.

Do you know why it is more preferable to purchase a discography rather than separate albums? If not, here is a list to understand why it is more advantageous to purchase a jazz discography.



Since a jazz discography includes each piece of music your favorite artist has it is very convenient to buy it in one transaction. When you buy individual albums, you can’t assure yourself that a music store has every album of an artist.

This might even lead to you expending more time because of looking for other albums that are a part of the discography.



Again, a jazz discography consists of the complete musical recordings of an artist you are sure that you will be able to get every piece of music, especially all your favoritesongs. Also, since it is complete, you’ll be able to discover jazz music that you haven’t even heard before. And maybe, you’ll be able to play it too.



Usually, discographies are much cheaper as compared to when you buy individual albums. The reason for this is that the older-released music’s market value is potentially lower than it was before.

So, when you buy everything all at once, some of the music you will purchase becomes cheaper, the entire cost of it as well.

However, among those advantages, there is one disadvantage that you should also consider.When you choose to purchase a jazz discography instead of one album, you won’t have an actual copy of it once it is produced.

You’ll eventually have to settle to listening to jazz music through online streaming sites and applications.

So, do the pros weigh more than the cons? If that’s a yes for you, then you should probably consider paying for a jazz discography instead of an album.